Civil Construction

 Suzuki Concessionaire 

Adaptation of existing concessionaire for the Japanese company, Suzuki.

Includes electricity work, ventilation, painting,reforms for working placement and platform for cars.

Relocation of Meschini administration to a new place.

Apartment Building

Located in the city of Mendoza, we are building 49 apartments, distributed in two towers. All the units have their own garage. On the terrace there is a multiple use space. Units of 1; 1 1/2; 2 and 3 bedrooms.


New Facilities & Workshop

The project consist of a new building for keeping cars until they are delivered. Also includes a workshop for express car service. 


- Surface: 1.400 m2

- Hight: 20 m

- Steel:  70.000 kg


Hotel & Casino Sheraton Mendoza


In the center of the city of Mendoza, stands the highest and largest building: the hotel & casino Sheraton Mendoza.

  • 180 bedrooms, 2 Restaurants, 3 lounge, 4 underground parking for 290 cars, 8 elevators. 

  • Covered area: 42.000 m2

  • Cast concrete: 18.000 m3

  • Cast steel: 2.750 Tons

  • Installed power: 2.000 Kva

  • Direct staff employee: 400 people

  • Work within: 30 Months

  • High from the ground: 92 m

Residential building
El Bosque

In one of the most important neighborhoods of Mendoza, stands the residential building: El Bosque

  • 46 apartments, distributed in 11 floors

  • Terrace with swimming pool of 48 m2, gym, lounge

  • 3 underground levels

  • Firefighting system at all levels.

  • Staff employed: 60 people

  • Work within: 18 months

  • Covered area: 9.600 m2

FORD Goldstein Concessionaire
New FORD concessionaire

Demolition of existing building.

Underground construction for accomodate 40 cars, exhibition hall, recepction, administration offices in upper floor. Concrete structure, steel deck mezzanine, y metal cover profiles of web girder, all made in our workshop.


Duration: 9 months


Hotel, Casino & Stadium
Arena Maipú


In the district of Maipú, Mendoza stands the biggest development in the area, a complex formed by:

  • 88 bedrooms (11.398 m2), indoor and outdoor swimming pool

  • business center (1.216 m2)

  • Casino (2.407 m2)

  • Bar/lounge and restaurant (2.377 m2)

  • Indoor stadium with seating for 3000 spectators (4000 m2)

  • 5 cinemas (2.520 m2)

  • Covered parking (13.035 m2)

  • Lobby (2.497 m2) 

Mendoza Plaza Shopping

We performed the expantion of the Mendoza Plaza Shopping, located in Guaymallen, Mendoza. Within the work we did, we can cite:

  • Food court under glass dome

  • Proffesional bowling

  • Playground

  • Footbridge with shops.

  • Stores: Fallabella, Zara, others.

  • 10 Village Cinemas. 

San Luis Shopping Center

Located in the center of San Luis city, is the San Luis Shopping Center. Within the services offered, we can cite:

  • 7 Cinemas.

  • Food court.

  • Shops.

  • Supermarket.

  • 45.000 m2 parking. 

  • Total area: 56.000 m2.



Wine Bar Bodega Norton

Logo en chapa

Logo en chapa

Wine Bar Bodega Norton

Logo colocado

Logo colocado

Wine Bar Bodega Norton

vista frontal

vista frontal

Wine Bar Bodega Norton

Revestimiento en madera natural

Revestimiento en madera natural

Wine Bar Bodega Norton



Wine Bar Bodega Norton

Mesada en piedra natural lustrada

Mesada en piedra natural lustrada

Wine Bar Bodega Norton

En construcción

En construcción

Wine Bar Bodega Norton



Wine Bar Bodega Norton

Estructura depósito materiales

Estructura depósito materiales

Bodega Norton

Estructura Metálica

Estructura Metálica

Bodega Norton

Techo área de recepción materia prim

Techo área de recepción materia prim

Bodega Norton

Norton Winery
Wine Bar:

Wine bar reconstruction, including kitchen, bathrooms, driveways and roofs. The company was in charge of the hole project, including design, direction and construction.

Reconstruction of the raw material and inputs storage.


Demolition of the existing storehouse, cleaning of the place, new metalic structure, gates, driveways and enclosures. Reconstruction of floors, bathrooms and administration facilities.

Workshop VW - Goldstein

Workshop, post selling car of the VOLKSWAGEN brand, following its standards of quality and service: 

  • Car reception room.

  • Customer waiting room.

  • Administrative offices.

  • Deposit parts.

  • Repair room.

  • Customer parking.

New sales offices: Goldstein

The building was constructed with metal and dry materials, on 2 levels. Delivery time: 1 months, without disturbing the normal operation of the car dealership.

Car Dealership, Mercedes Benz Mendoza


In one of the busiest corners of Mendoza, is located the Mercedes Benz dealership.

  • Covered area: 750 m2.

  • Metal windows and great visuals.

  • Metal cover.

Goldstein Ford New Workshops​.


The works consist of reconditioning the existing structure, building an accessible mezzanine with vehicles, new offices and new workshop buildings.

Science and Technology Park, Mendoza

Located in the center of Mendoza´s Central Park, stands as an educational offer, the science and technology park: EUREKA. 

  • Part of the project was built re-modeling an old hospital, and other buildings were demolished.

  • Construction of the central building.

  • Old forestals were re-located.

  • Electrical transformers substation, gas, water and sewer.

  • Cover area: 6.680 m2.

  • Work within: 240 days.

Service Station YPF
Metro s.a.c.i.a

Service Station located in the center of Mendoza. Tasks performed:

  • Buried metal fuel tanks.

  • Minimarket.

  • Automatic car wash.

  • Cover area: 1.100 m2.

  • Metallic structure: 25.000 Kg.

  • Work within: 3 meses

Service Station
Shell Costanera

Service station situated in a significative route of Mendoza. Besides fueling, was built a site for the gas compressor. Also the station has a full minimarket, and a carwash area.

Medicine school, University of Mendoza

In addition with the existing builidings of the university, was built in the corner of the Hammarskjold boulevard the Medicine school, with a curtain wall facade.

  • Covered surface: 6.000 m2

  • Worked within: 12 months

  • Staff employed: 80 people

  • Installed power: 300 Kva

Family housing

Family housing construction, with underground parking, elevator, 3 levels, 2 pools (indoor and outdoor), guests room and room for employees.



  • Covered area: 3.000 m2

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