Industrial Construction

Arcor San Juan Desander

Demolitions, soil movement, industrial drainage channel and other works.

Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes
Administrative office:
Demolition of existing offices, and construction of new administrative offices to a new location within the same site. Landscaping of the property. 
New warehouse:
3800 m2 built in metallic structure, new concrete floors, fire fighting service, among others. 

European Space Agency
DSA3 (Deep Space Antena 3)


Located in the middle of the desert mountains of Malargue, in one of the most clear skies in the world, stands the Deep Space Antenna 3 (DSA3). The steel dish weighs 400 tons, the concrete base was built in H 60, must not be deformed during movement or extreme weather conditions.


  • Construction of the base of the antenna:

-Cast steel:   120 Tn 

-Concrete H-60:   870 m3

  • ​Civil works of support buildings, internal roads:

-Concrete H-25: 1250 m3

-Circulation roads: 3700 m2

Chipboard Factory
"Cuyo Placas"

New plant for forming agglomerate plates, used for the manufacture of furnitures. Includes the following buildings:

Crushing wooden, Grinding machine, Power plant, Glue silos, Conformation, Porter´s lodge, Bascules, among others.

  • Covered surface: 35.000 m2

  • Concrete bases, foundations and paviments: 23.000 m3

  • Direct personal employee: 200 persons

  • Work within: 24 months

IMPSA Metallurgical Industries "Pescarmona S.A."


Among the variuos work done, we can cite:

  • Central administration:

-Covered surface: 8.000 m2

-Outsite:  50.000 m2

  • Main Building expansion.

  • Hydraulic generators building.

  • Laboratory for hydraulic turbines. 

Extending existing factory  


Located in the industrial area of Mendoza, expansion works were performed for the plaserboard factory, without stopping the production. 

  • Conveyor belt and heat exchanger buildings:

Surface: 2.000 m2

Structure: 46.000 kg

  • Plaster factory and silo base:


Structure: 467.000 Kg


  • Extention profiles and putty building:

Surface area: 2.500 m2

Structure: 53.780 kg

  • Additional works:

Surface area: 500 m2

Structure: 10.480 kg

KNAUF (2003)
Plaster Plate Factory

Plasterboards factory, located in the insdustrial area of Mendoza. The works performed includes internal roads, administrative offices, storages and processing buildings, among others.

  • Surface area: 14.500 m2.

  • Electrical equipment: 1000 Kva.

  • Staff employed: 120 persons.

  • Work within: 12 months.

Glass Container Factory
Cattorini Hnos.

On the existing plant, we proceeded to make modifications and extensions. Includes demolition of the cooler barn, and new channels for ventilation and removal of scrap.


Pathological Waste treatment plant, Mendoza. Waste processing main building, annexes buildings, administrative office, effluent treatment plant among others.

  • Surface area: 2.000 m2.

  • Structure steel: 70.000 kg.

  • Work within: 6 months.

Glass Container Factory
RAYÉN CURA (Verallia)

Situated in Guaymallen, Mendoza, stands the largest factory of glass container in the region.

The tasks performed were:  

  • Expansion of the production building.

  • New Glass furnace.

  • New glass reception area.

  • Work within: 210 days.

  • Surface area: 16.000 m2.

Lime processing factory.

Located at the foothill of the Los Andes mountains, in San Juan.

The works performed were:

  • Ground movements. Reception area for raw materials. Process water storage building.

  • Process building and finished product storage.

  • Installed power: 1.000 Kva.

  • Direct employee: 110 persons.

  • Work within: 14 months.

Concrete Factory
"Cementos Avellaneda"

Located in San Luis, was built the cement plant with its 60 meters high tower in concrete, using a slide mold procedure. 

  • ​Cast steel: 520.000 kg.

  • Reinforced concrete: 5.200 m3.

  • Work within: 11 months.

Packaging Factory PET
Foster Wheeler (Eastman Chemical USA)

Civil and vials works were performed. Located in Buenos Aires, Zarate.

  • Cast steel: 1.530 Tn.

  • Structural steel: 500 Tn.

  • Reinforced concrete: 8.500 m3.

  • Pavement: 30.000 m2.

  • Soil movement: 40.000 m3.

  • Direct employee: 300 persons.

  • Work within: 12 months.

Silarsa 2
Silarsa 3
Silarsa 6
Silarsa 4
Ferroalloy Factory.

Located in the industrial Park Mendoza, were performed the following tasks:

  • Metal construction nave.

  • Galvanized coating.

  • ​Various metal plataforms.

  • Bridge cranes.

  • Shield of floors were smelting furnaces are located.

  • Cast steel: 480 Tn.

  • Armor steel: 100 Tn.

Oil Distillery
YPF (Luján de Cuyo)


Over the years, we hace conducted several works to the distillery:

Civil works, structural assemblies, pipe bridges:


  • Work within: 120 days.

  • Steel cast: 120 Tn.

  • Reinforced concrete: 1.200 m3.

New administrative office building:


  • Surface area: 3.420 m2

  • Work within: 6 meses

Industrial plant of effluent treatment, all reinforced concrete pools:

  • Biological reactor: 50m x 50m x 6,5m

  • Lung pool: 50m x 30m x 8m

  • Equalizer: 30m x 30m x 8m

  • Circular digesters, quantity 3: 25m diam x 5m 

Polypropylene Factory.
"Petroquímica de Cuyo"

Located in the insdustrial park of -mendoza, several works were performed:


  • Civil construction of industrial plant and offices.

  • Cast steel: 550 Tn.

  • Reinforced concrete: 3.500 Tn.

  • Surface area: 6.500 m2.

  • Work within: 20 months.

Extending existing factory  


Located in the industrial park of La Rioja Province, Argentina.


  • New shoe factory facility.


Surface area: 7.000 m2

Cast steel: 139.000 kg


  • Laboratory, microfactory. I&D


​Surface area: 200 m2


  • New administrative offices.


​Surface area: 900 m2


  • New dining facility 


​Surface area: 270 m2

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