Metal construction

Metal Decks, Roofs, Building Structures....
Chipboard Factory
"Cuyo Placas"

New plant for forming agglomerate plates, used for the manufacture of furnitures. Includes the following buildings:

Crushing wooden, Grinding machine, Power plant, Glue silos, Conformation, Porter´s lodge, Bascules, among others.

  • Surface area: 35.000 m2

  • Structural steel: 1.500 Tn

  • Steel Construction: 1.500 Tn


Plasters Knauf

All new buildings are made of metal structure, being one of them of 35 meters high and all covered with steel sheet, following the existing architecture. The profiles were assembled, sand and painted with epoxi, in our metal workshop and then transported to the building site for final assembly. Within the many pieces, were prepared girders of IPN 500 and box beams girders of 18 meters long.

  • Placed Steel: 577 Tn

Expansion of existing company  

Location: La Rioja, Argentina.


  • New shoe production hall:

Sup: 7.000 m2

Structural steel: 139.000 kg


  • Lab, testing factory and development:

​Sup: 200 m2


  • New administration offices:

​Sup: 900 m2


  • Dining personal hall:

​Sup: 270 m2

Refrigerated Warehouse
"San Fili"

Located in Pareditas, Mendoza. We performed San Fili refrigerator for the storage of natural potatoes. Built entirely of metal and covered in polyurethane metal panels.

  • Surface area: 5.000 m2, roof deck panels of 200 mm.

  • Side enclousers: 3.200 m2, covered in panels of 150 mm.

  • Placed steel structure: 150.000 Kg

  • Work within: 4 months.

Arena Maipú, Ministadium and Casino

Besides the works of the hotel and casino, was built a micro stadium for events, like tennis matches, boxing, concerts, others. With a capacity for 3.000 seats.

  • Surface area: 4.000 m2

  • Steel placed:


Waste treatment phatological plant Mendoza. It has a central nave for waste processing, barn annexes, administrative office, effluent treatment plant, among others. 

  • Surface area: 2.000 m2.

  • Structural Steel: 70.000 kg.

  • Work within: 6 months.

Metallurgical Workshop

Located on the south access of Mendoza, we have our metal workshop, for all our metal works required on the building site.

  • Property: 2,6 Ha.

  • Metal Nave: 1.500 m2 y 7 m de Height.

  • Bridge crane: 5 Tn y 15 m de Long.

  • Processing capacity: 70 Tn Monthly.

Frío Latina
Industrial shed construction.   
​Metal shed with profiles made un our own workshop. The shed dimensions are 120m x 30m x 10m de alto.  3600 m2  coverd area plus exterior floorings. The floors are made of concrete reforced with H30 metal mesh. Steel Deck mezzanine.

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