Road and Bridge Construction

Remodeling Las Heras Avenue



​​Work commissioned by the government of Mendoza. The restoration and remodeling of Las Heras avenue, one of the most recognized and oldest streets in Mendoza. Pavements, sidewalks, pave works were carried. 

Mendoza Plaza Shopping Bridge



​​Among the works requested, was made a pedestrian bridge, that link the old shopping with the new one, where there are several restaurants and shops.

Underground Parking   
"Arena Maipu"


​​The first job that was done in this hotel was the construction of the underground parking. With a surface area of 13.000m2, was built in a record time of 90 days.

San Luis Parking Shopping Center



​​With the construction of the mall and the hipermarket, was built 45.000 m2 of pavements for parking and circulation.

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