Under construction

Plaza Maristas Shopping

We have recently began to work on the new shopping center that will be located in the center of Mendoza city. We have began with major works and soil movements, also placed one of the tower cranes planned for construction. It is going to be a 47.000 m2 shopping.

Bus Station renovation
Erection and manufacture of metalic structure.
The works will last three years and will be distributed in three stages. The first will begin with the north wing, which has a pre-boarding room, which would give passengers more comfort. The second would be the east wing that has the international boardins with the long distance buses, and finally the west wing, from where the middle distance service will be.

Micro-hydroelectric explotation

Power of 6.34 MW and two Kaplan turbines with vertical axis that will generate an average energy of 20.6 Gwh / year and supply 3000 families.

Province Legislature building

Expansion of existing building.

Consist of a tower of 4500 m2 distribuited in eight floors, ground flooer, two basements and a new auditorium.


Cattorini Glassware - San Juan


Lead time: 6 month

It consists of 16,000 m2 of reinforced concrete flooring, 3,500 m2 of walls and 26,000 m3 of floor movement


Chapini storehouse and agencies. 

Industrial warehouse for storage of disposables and plastics.

Thermal panel, wall and roof, galvanized walls.

Nieto Senetiner Winery

Enhacing the barrels room and the construction of the tasting room.


Expansion and restyling of Falabella

Term: 9 months

Dismantling of existing premises and modification of architectural design. Expansion of 15% of current capacity.


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