Winery Construction


3 stages, all the constructions follow the existin architecture of the winery, facing brick and sheet gable roof.

An undergroung wine cellar for accomodate wood barrels. Dimensions 30m x 10m x 5m depth.

Visitor house, with all services included.

Storage hall, Dimensions 45m x 14m x 9m high.

Trivento Bodega y Viñedos
Wine vessels   


​12 concrete vessels of 160 HL, each one is 6 meters hight, fully equiped with all the stainless steel accesories, treated with epoxi on the inside. 

- Time limit: 5 Months

Norton Winery
New sparkling winery


We have started work on the construction of the new sparkling wine cellar, with a capacity of 800,000 liters. The building will have an area of ​​6,000 m2 covered, with rooms for storage of finished product and raw material. A bottling area is also contemplated.

Atamisque Winery
​​Located in the hills of Tupungato, Mendoza. Designed by the renowned architects Bormida & Yanzon and built with local materiales: has washing concrete walls, metal trusses and celings in large flagstones. There were large soil movements. Recently we built an extention, following the same style proposed by the architecture study.
  • Work within: 1 year
  • Surface area: 3000 m2
Bodega Norton
Wine Bar:
Winery´s Winebar remodeling, including kitchens, bathrooms, entrances and ceilings. The project from the scratch, (design, management and construction) was in charge of the company.
Reconstruction of Raw Materials and Supplies Warehouse:
Demolition of existing barn, cleaning the place, New metal structure, walls, gates and access. Reconstruction of floors, bathrooms and office space.

Flichman Winery

Located in the agriculture area of Maipú, Mendoza. We perform the expansion of the winey and the restoration of the old manor house. It highlight the architectural quality of the work requested by the client.

  •  Surface area: 2.750 m2


  • Work within: 5 months

Ruca Malén Winery


Located on route 7 in Mendoza, stands the boutique winery Ruca Malen. We have also made extensions of this spectacular winery.

  • Surface area: 5.492 m2

  • Work within: 1 year

Bodega Otero Ramos


Located in Maipu, Built of brick, the works we performed were:​ 

  • Nave expansion of raw materials, for a further processing.

  • Nave construction of finished product. 

Surface area:

Work within:

Alta Vista Winery


Located in Luján de Cuyo, was an old and abandoned winery, we proceeded to rebuilt and remodel it. The idea was to have the original architecture and spirit of this old winery, but with the highest standards of quality.

  • Surface area:

  • Work within:

Terrazas de los Andes Winery
(Chandon S.A.)


Located in Luján de Cuyo, being a Chandon proyect, we performed the restoration of an old brick winery. Reconstuction work were made for the entire structure, because it was not seismic. The large brick columns were pierced and filled with metal and concrete. we have also carried on other works such as floors, ceilings, offices, and others, to achieve this magnificent winery.

  • Surface area: 3.800 m2.

  • Work within: 6 months.

Chandon Winery


Chandon is one of the largest wineries in Argentina, since the beginning of our company, Chandon has given us great works. Among the latest named, we can highlight, the reception house and events. Also the tanks nave with a capacity to store 22 liters of wine. 

  • Nave surface area: 23.000 m2

  • Work within: 2 years

Schroeder Family Winery


Located in the province of Neuqúen, on the banks of the Limay river, to take advantage of the uneven ground, was built the winery. To the surprise of all, during the excavation, we found a very large rock that eventually proved to be the femur of a Titanosaur, giving an interesting twist to the proyect. Today, in the underground cellar wine we can appreciate this amazing find.  

  • Surface area:

  • Work within:

Graffigna Winery
Pernod Ricard


This famous winery in San Juan was founded 140 years ago.Esta famosa bodega de San Juan nace hace más de 140 años. The current owners commissioned us, the expansion of the production nave and other related works.

  • Surface area:

  • Work within:

Norton Winery


Located in the area of Pedriel, Mendoza. We performed the expansion and restoration of the winery.

  • Surface area:

  • Work within: 

Melipal Winery


Located on route 7, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza. With a striking facade, surrounded by a small laggon, we performed stone cladding, among other jobs.

  • Surface area: 

  • Work within:

López Winery



Located in the center of Maipú city, we performed important extentions of civil works, underground pools, naves and a brick cellar wine with a dome-shaped roof.

  • Surface area:

  • Work within:

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